Accessories that comes together with the Map

Accessories used in Scratching off the map are a scrapper, usually a hexagonal coin, a marker, an eraser to clean the scratch smudges, memory stickers to make note of travel memories, magnifying strip for visually challenged, travel prediction and a precision scratch tool. It comes packaged in a slick tube and thus provides an easy way to carry.

Variants in the Scratch off World Map The Scratch Map is highly significant for a traveler for its ease of use. There are number of variants available and each varies in terms of the design, accessories provided along with, the dimensions of the map and the up-to-date world Map printed underneath revealing city details. Each variants gives a stylish, interactive and a customized map of the world. Some maps are designed with a scratchable silver foil with blue background representing the seas and oceans. Underneath the silver foil, cities, rivers, mountains, resorts are printed in an attractive colors. These maps are made of high quality material for giving a rich look and also to prevent from the damage resulting from frequent usage. Scratch off World Map poster is available in double sided version. They are also available for a particular country or continent. This gives an in depth view of the places, country flags, terrain details and so on. This type of specific scratch off the continent mark is more useful for domestic tourists. Some of the variants available are deluxe, original, Europe, USA, Ireland, France, adventure map, Capitals, Oceans and so on.