How To Choose A Company Formation In HK Agent And Avoid Cons

There is just something unique regarding Hong Kong that does attract foreign investors from various parts of the world to start companies in this city. But what actually makes Hong Kong a perfect place and amazing destination to do business? Opting to start your company formation in HK has a large number of distinct advantages. The lower and simple tax system allows businesses of all sorts to flourish in the economy of Hong Kong.

There is absolutely no ‘offshore’ legislation that will affect your company formation in HK, all businesses are incorporated under the same laws whether or not they conduct business in the city or offshore. However businesses that do not derive any kind of income from resources in Hong Kong aren’t at the mercy of taxes and that makes it an offshore business in any name. A fantastic infrastructure and strong regulating system are some of the achievement of Hong Kong as one of the best destination for business.

Hong Kong is among the world’s most established and dependable business centers. The economy in Hong Kong is known to be among the freest in the globe, and it is therefore a great place where to incorporate a business.

If you do a quick Search, you will see a huge list of organizations that declare they will help you in your company formation in HK. Although some of these are honest, others are simply cons.

They may not really steal your cash. However, they are not going to help you start your company, they will just to take your money for nothing and slow down your company formation in HK process. So how will you know you are working with the right company?

Check the agency’s website

Let us suppose you do a study on the search engines and you discovered 3 to 5 agencies that offer company formation services.

– Does the website look professional? Can you easily know what the agency provides its clients? And how old is your website? Can you trust a company that started its site 8 weeks back?
– Does the website have a home address in Hong Kong, a telephone number and an email address?

Contacting the Business

If you contact them during work hours, does somebody answer your phone calls? Does the person speak good English? The English doesn’t need to be perfect, because English is not the main language in HK to start with. Nevertheless, all of the files for your future company are in English, so there is need to deal with people who have adequate language skills.

If you send a query by email, will someone answer in 24-48 hours minus asking you to choose their service as quickly as possible? An established company has a good number of clients and does not need to tell you to use what they offer. But scammers simply need you to send them some cash even before they decide to help you. So before you make any payment for your company formation in HK, make sure that you do know some of the basics about incorporating companies.

When you ask for a quote, do you get a clear response to all your queries and a list of the price for the service (company incorporation fee, business bank-account opening cost, Hong Kong guide if you want to incorporate and so on)?

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